The Dented Can

About Us

The Dented Can is family owned and operated. From our family to yours, we promise to provide the very best products and service at the best prices.

Quality groceries... discounted.

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Our History

The Dented Can began as a family selling “scratch and dent” groceries. In a converted barn, few people knew about or where to find The Dented Can. Now, you can’t miss us. We have expanded our space and put a lovely sign near the road.


  1. Q.Are your products all damaged?

  2. A.Nope, some products have damaged packaging, but for the most part, they're all in perfect condition. 

Q. Do you take SNAP (Food stamps)?

A. As of right now, no we do not.

  1. Q.Are your deli products damaged or aged?

  2. A.No, our deli products are as fresh as can be.

Where we’re going

The future of The Dented Can is in God’s hands. We’re hopeful for future expansion of products and services.